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Two months ago, Freestone studios said hello to John Spooner, the heart, mind, and soul behind Spuds Creative Asylum. With all the buzz surrounding John’s beautiful handcrafted household items, we made sure to pay the creative genius a visit.

John was a manager for 12 years, living a busy life full of emails and phone calls every second, but it was only recently he quit his corporate job and discovered his love for woodworking.

“I built a summer house in my garden and with the left over wood I had, I started making a few bits for the house. My wife asked me to make a wine rack and a spice rack. So I started churning a few bits out in the garden, and put’em up in the kitchen and bathroom” 

John’s wife went on to post her husband’s creations on social media. Friends became interested, later friends of friends, until John’s wife came up with the big idea.

“My wife said “You could do this for a living!” I went “Shut up.” She said “Turn the summer house into a workshop and see how it goes.” Now we’re two and a half years down the line and I’ve got an 8 week waiting list for my stuff.

Spuds Creative Asylum Tools

Spud’s sustainable business model uses reclaimed wood and metal, making every clock and every bath board unique. It also operates on a personal level taking custom orders, challenging John to undertake new project ideas.

“I only started doing this two years ago, a bit late in life, but I wish I had done it 20 years ago.”

John from Spuds Creative Asylum

Self-taught on Youtube and currently freelancing alone it’s impressive to see how far John has come. You can catch more of his journey on the Spuds Creative Asylum Instragram and for more Meanwhile stories, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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