Say Hello: Hazel Mountford

For this week’s Say Hello we came down to Freestone Studios to meet with the extremely talented Hazel Mountford.

Hazel Mountford is a fine artist who draws inspiration from the competition for space between humans and animals. Using wooden panels, she paints animals placed in empty spaces. After being based in London for 9 years, she joined the Meanwhile family in Bristol, May of this year.

“Bristol sounded like a great opportunity. The sort of buzz, reminded me of Berlin, which I really love, but I don’t speak enough German to move there. It also felt like everything taken from London was put all together so you could easily walk through these different streets with different feelings. I thought it’d be good to revitalise me.” 

Running out of Space by Hazel Mountford
Hazel’s paintings are fascinating from an aesthetic point-of-view, but there’s much more happening in her works. Her angled panels depict the rise and fall of animal populations in cities, with the animals directly engaging with us from one world to another. Also, her years working and living in urban jungles like London and Bristol have noticeable influences on her work.

“Its about who’s adaptable? Who can survive? But then that’s also about me and myself of can I survive? Can I adapt?” 

High Rising Fox by Hazel Mountford
Hazel hopes to connect more and more with the dynamic art scene in Bristol and should soon get involved with community projects going on. Here at Meanwhile we think her move to Bristol was a great choice and we have a feeling she agrees.

“Coming here (Freestone Studios), you see so many people who have got an idea, they’ve always wanted to try it, and they’re just going for it, and that buzz is amazing. It’s very exciting and it just rubs back on you.”

Catch Hazel Mountford’s next show at Biscuit Factory in Newcastle and follow her Instagram to keep up with her story. For more news about our brilliant tenants follow Meanwhile Creative on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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