Say Hello: Chris Garrett – Handlebar Barista

From their vintage coffee trikes, Handlebar Barista power up Cardiff’s commuters and office workers with the best coffee in Cardiff.

Find them out the back of Cardiff Central station and pedalling around the city centre, as well as at various festivals and all Cardiff Blues’ home games.

Handlebar Barista use Meanwhile House Cardiff as their base, at the same time serving up their delicious coffee to our Cardiff tenant community. We caught up with Chris Garrett – Head Barista, owner, cleaner, fixer, builder (you get the picture)…

So, how did the business start?
On a cycling trip to Belgium me and a friend kept seeing these coffee trikes serving on the streets to cyclists and commuters, we just thought, ‘wow what a cool idea, I wonder if that could work in Cardiff’.

Well we started looking at premises to open a Bike Bar in Cardiff, somewhere to have a coffee or beer and get your bike fixed, with this we thought the coffee trikes would be a great way to market the bar. We soon realised the coffee trikes were a mobile bar in themselves and saved us committing to an expensive premises. We started with one and now have three around the city. 

How did you find yourself at Meanwhile House Cardiff?
It is vital for us to be city centre based as we need a central location to store our trikes. Our old location was being changed into city centre flats, so finding the space at Meanwhile House Cardiff meant that we could continue our business.

What big things have you got coming up in 2018?
This year we are going to continue to grow our city centre rounds and serve at as many festivals as we can. Also our online shop is about to launch, so you’ll be able to buy our coffee beans, t-shirts, gadgets, cups and wallets online.

Best bits of your job?
The best bit is also the worst bit – being outdoors. I do think I have a brilliant job when it’s a nice ice sunny day serving people great coffee on the street and having a good chat with them about life.

Looking back at your journey, is there any advice you would have given yourself at the beginning?
Get an electric assist bike!



So next time you are in town and need of a caffeine fix, look out for Handlebar Barista. The trio and their trike are also available for festivals, events and private hire. Visit handlebarbarista.co.uk or @handlebarbarista for more info.


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