Creative Coworking: Choosing a Studio Space in Seven Succinct Steps!

Co-working has rocketed in popularity in the past few years, more and more people are choosing to move from working in their spare rooms to searching for office and desk space.

There’s a whole range of options available in Bristol, from the far-out and creative to the formal and professional. It’s vital that you get a space that’s right for you, we’ve listed a few factors we think you should consider…

Let’s Talk Turkey

Firstly, money. Don’t overstretch yourself or you could end up in a sticky situation. Make sure you get a comprehensive costing, what seems like a bargain might not be. Check there are no hidden charges such as bills, internet or business rates.


The Sound of Silence

Above all, a co-working space is a place where you need to get things done. Will you thrive in a creative, chatty environment or do you need a bit of peace and quiet to be efficient? This is something that may be difficult to gauge during a brief viewing, don’t rule out asking for a day or half-day trial.


Office Friends


One of the primary benefits of co-working is being able to make business links. Some hubs specialise in specific industries whilst others like to keep it diverse. If one of your aims is meeting people in a similar line of work, choose your design and space carefully.


Location, Location, Location


If this is your first foray out of the home-office or studio, it’s important to get a space that you’ll want to go to, even when it’s a rainy Tuesday in winter. You want something reasonably close to home and if you’re forward facing it should be easy for clients to get to and find. Think about areas with appealing features such as restaurants, bars and shops. When you’re viewing take a look around the locale to get a proper feel for the area.


It’s the Little Things

Are get-together and break-out space important to you? What about a kitchen or a games room? Think about amenities that will maximize productivity and seek out a co-working space that offers those perks.



Thinking of staying a while? A long length lease might benefit you economically and provide the stability you require. However, a rolling monthly contract frees you from long-term obligations and can facilitate growth or downsizing at short notice.


24 Hour Party People


Access hours won’t concern everyone, but if you’re the type who’s up at 5am on deadline day with a jug of coffee in one hand and a pint-can of relentless in the other, it’s best to find out when your space is going to be open.


Once you’ve found the perfect space for your business, you can begin to enjoy the advantages of the working and playing in a co-working space. It’s common to see improvements in you’re productivity and growth in ambitions and best yet, your mum will be dead impressed. Why not check out what spaces we have available by clicking here.


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